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Online Course: Forever Money Fit!

Learn How To Become Debt-Free, Increase Your Savings And Create Your Personal Freedom Plan


You Will Learn:


In this 12-part video course, you will learn how to:

  • De-stress and simplify your current financial situation…faster!
  • Gain essential knowledge to become financially aware.
  • Develop your step-by-step, personal “money spending plan” that works without hiring an accountant.
  • Identify core strengths of your current income and maximise it’s potential.
  • Become truly financially fit and free! free of debt, free of guilt and free of stress!




With the help of a …


  • Step-by-step, 12-part video course, like building blocks, stacked one on top of the other, wherein John personally walks you through his simple budgeting tool (Almost like live training but with flexible time and venue and no hi-fi technology requirements).
  • Clear checklist to get ready and keep track of your performance.
  • Simple budgeting AND goal-setting tool (Yes! That’s 2-in-1) that:


  1. Allows you to “name every dollar” from your current income even if it fluctuates.
  2. Gives you a simple, one-page “helicopter view” of your finances.
  3. Gives you clarity of your money goals.


    • FREE email support service where John personally answers ALL your questions regarding the course content.


  • FREE Q&A session with John to get trusted advice on your individual financial situation. No judgement. No pressure. Trusted advice. Totally free!


You Will Need:


  • A one-off Internet access to download the video tutorials.
  • A computer of any sort as long as it can run a basic excel sheet package.
  • Put your mind to make it work by following through with the course instructions.
  • Your positive attitude of not being afraid to ask for help, if and when required.