4 Steps to a Fitter You!

Aeromat Fitness Ball with GirlEver wonder why exercise ball works? Because it helps reduce stress in a very simple yet proven way. All you need to do is, USE IT CONSISTENTLY. That is why, at Focus Your Money, John helps families get financially fitter through simple, step-by-step process that starts showing results from the time you BOOK YOUR FREE SESSION with John or purchase your copy of John’s e-course FOREVER MONEY FIT!”


John’s coaching style is based on a realistic and “bite-sized” approach to money management, which follows these four steps:




  • Re-discover your income by finding out where exactly it goes and why. 
  • Learn proven ways to develop “When and how?” mindset instead of “If” mentality.
  • “Fix your financial situation” with the help of money education and simple yet powerful, planning tools. 

John’s coaching process helped me uncover and identify the things that were holding me back and preventing me from seeing the possibilities and benefits inherent in a change. John helped me re-focus and strengthen my financial goals. His open and direct coaching style guided me to gather the right information and make informed decisions regarding my finances.” — Craig Munns, ACT, Canberra, Australia.



  • Name every dollar that comes in and goes out of your household through a simple spreadsheet model that is designed to adapt to your changing financial situation.
  • Following a proactive approach to your hard-earned income by “looking into the future”.
  • John either walks you through each step personally or provides you with easy-to-follow video tutorials on how to go about collecting and recording information and keeping tab on your progress.

…having met John and seen how he really examined every single thing that money was being spent on from coffees out with the girls to my mortgage, I decided that it would be worth it to learn better management skills and just to raise my awareness of where my money was going. I am now eight months into the program and although my income still fluctuates, I have an idea based on previous bills how much utilities, maintenance, phone and internet, groceries, fuel and even DVDs for the children will likely cost me for the coming month and have money diverted into a B-Pay only account to deal with my fixed expenses.

This only leaves me with weekly cash expenses to worry about as every thing else is accounted for and runs smoothly without much to do on my part. I have also managed to increase my mortgage repayments which means I am paying more off the principal loan amount and John also helped me to locate the various Superannuation funds I had going from being in a variety of casual employment and roll it all over into one fund that also gives me insurance cover for Death and Total Permanent Disability so that if the unlikely does happen, all my debts will be covered without leaving a burden for my family to deal with later.

The most valuable part of this experience for me has been the growing feeling that my financial health is in my control and instead of saying to myself “how on earth am I going to come up with the money for that” I can now say “it’s been Personal Money System for” and go ahead and pay on time, without the drama.

I have recently been able to afford to update my almost 20 year old car and am now saving money on fuel and it has really become fun to sort through my Personal Money System – sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. I never thought I’d say that in a million years!”– Jenny R.,ACT,Canberra, Australia.




Find out your current income’s true potential in the surplus (green flag) area or learn proven ways to systematically reduce the deficit (red flag).

 Hi John,Will and I have got our money issues all sorted out thanks to you! At this present time, we would like to cease our 12 month service with you. We think from everything you have taught us that we can do it, on our own. I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for all your help, without you and what you have done for us we would be sitting in a lot of debt. Your an amazing person, so once again from the bottom of our hearts, thanks. If we get into trouble again, you will be the first point of call. Kind regards, Kelly& Will”– Will Stirton and Kelly Murphy, ACT, Canberra, Australia.




Use higher gear to get rid of debt, stay out of debt, build emergency funds and plan for retirement while accounting for your other money goals, along the way.

With a combined income of $170K plus, we didn’t pay much attention to how and what we were spending our money on and at times we were probably living beyond our means. We enjoyed going out with friends, fine dining, going to shows and buying what we wanted without thinking twice about it, and not really knowing where our money was going. By working with John and formulating  a budget, we now have the tools to control our expenditure and continue to live the lifestyle we want and know what our limitations are. Focus your Money has guided us financially though a number of life changing events, such as, buying our first home, going through IVF/pregnancy, becoming a family, as well as providing advice on how to live on a reduced wage while on Maternity leave. We would like to thank John at Focus Your Money for your support and guidance”­–Watsons of Gunghalin, ACT,Canberra,Australia. 

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