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  • Set achievable money goals.
  • Get out of debt...faster!
  • Stay out of debt...forever!
  • Track your performance consistently.
  • Stay motivated through compassionate support.

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Focus Your Money Financial Coaching

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Focus Your Money Financial Coaching
  • With a combined income of $170K plus, we didn’t pay much attention to how and what we were spending our money on and at times we were probably living beyond our means. We enjoyed going out with friends, fine dining, going to shows and buying what we wanted without thinking twice about it and not really knowing where our money was going.


    Watsons of Gunghalin, ACT,Canberra,Australia.
  • John’s coaching process helped me uncover and identify the things that were holding me back and preventing me from seeing the possibilities and benefits inherent in a change. John helped me re-focus and strengthen my financial goals. His open and direct coaching style guided me to gather the right information and make informed decisions regarding my finances.


    Craig Munns, ACT, Canberra, Australia.
  • I am an up and becoming IT consultant working for the government at 23 years of age and earning $83000 per annum. I assume because I was earning this income I could buy most things I needed and wanted. I recently purchased a block of land for $185000 and moved into rental accommodation by myself. I have a car loan, and a visa car debt.


    Joel O’Conner, ACT, Canberra, Australia.
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